Jotun hardtop flexi

This is a two component chemically curing aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating. Dette er en to-component kemisk hærdende alifatisk akryl polyurethan coating. Discover Hardtop Flexi: a flexible topcoat with high volume solids, short drying time and direct-to-metal (DTM) protective properties. Glansbeskrivelse: I henhold til Jotun Performance Coatings.

Jotun Hardtop Flexi is a high solids, glossy two-pack flexible polyurethane coating with good gloss and colour retention. Two component, high soli flexible polyurethane coating.

Hardtop Flexi bases are intermediates and need to processed before . Hardtop Flexi has been boosted with anti corrosive pigments to give extra corrosion protection. It can be applied in high film thickness on a wide range of primers . Jotun Hardtop Flexi is a high solids ( volume) polyurethane topcoat with excellent wetting and adhesion properties. Hardtop Flexi has a remarkable ability to . Hardtop Flexi maintains higher flexibility than other polyurethanes throughout the lifespan of the product. Discover all the information about the product Finish coat for merchant ships and professional vessels Hardtop Flexi – JOTUN and find where you can buy it. Hardtop Flexi is a two component, high soli flexible polyurethane coating with good gloss and.

Please contact your local Jotun office for more information.

Jotun Hardtop Flexi is recommended for use on the superstructure, topside and container decks of marine vessels. Hardtop Flexi polyurethane topcoat was formulated to give extreme flexibility in combination with good adhesion, UV resistance and good . Hardtop Flexi: универсальный грунт-эмаль. Gloss level: According to Jotun Performance Coatings’ definition. Hardtop Flexi jest dwuskładnikową , grubopowłokową , elastyczną farbą poliuretanową. Więcej informacji mona uzyskaćw najbliszym oddziale firmy Jotun.

Jotun Penguard HB and Hardtop HB advice, please. I’m in panic mode, filling and fairing the hull of the Duck Punt, ready for Beale, and could .