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Explore our wide product range from test-winning antifouling to primers, fillers, topcoats and boat care that will make any boat owner proud of his . NonStop is a very efficient, top-class, self-polishing antifouling based on advanced hydrating binders, assuring an active surface which is continuously renewed. SeaQuantum is the leading silyl acrylate antifouling globally and has been applied to over 10vessels.

Discover Megayacht Royal Antifouling: a one component hydrating, self polishing antifouling that provides good fouling protection. Detect how SeaForce can provide you with a very good antifouling performance at an attractive cost base. Discover Megayacht Imperial: a hydrolysing silyl acrylate antifouling that provides excellent fouling protection and incomparable hull performance. We consider our antifouling range to be the most effective and best value antifoulings available today.

Jotun has been at the forefront of research and . Information and advice on antifouling paints. Information on the different types of antifoul available, how they work and how to choose the right antifouling . What a spooky coincidence, I posted earlier on Antifouling, and one on the respondants mentioned Jotun, I had just looked up the tech details . Check this site for Jotun Seaguardian Antifoul at best price ever! Jotun Seaguardian is a tin free ablative antifouling based on a copolymer binder for lower speed vessels that will typically give up to months service at the . See Antifouling paints including brands such as Jotun, International and Awlgrip with styles including self polishing, hard and racing anti-fouls as seen under . Bij Marinediscounter bestelt u snel, eenvoudig en voordelig. The most famous product for the Caribbean Yachting Community has been JOTUN’s high performance Antifouling Seamate HB 99.

Check jotun website for compatability – You need to use an aluminium friendly af on around your sail drive, not a copper based one. Jotun Marine Deck Coating with the Quikspray Cage Mixer and Carrousel Pump. Yes, I used it on my clinker Folkboat some years ago. I’m yet to find an antifoul that’ll keep slime off for more than months although some have . Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds.

PETRONAS has selected Jotun’s Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) antifouling system for two LNG vessels chartered from MISC. For boats that only sail on sea water, Jotun Mare Nostrum SP is a self polishing antifouling coating. Its unique properties keep the hull of the boat protected and . Citation: , (2015) UASC boosts efficiency of new flagships with Jotun advanced antifouling coatings, Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials , Vol. Jotun is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paints, coatings and.

NonStop Supreme is Jotun’s best antifouling ever for leisure yachts! This highly efficient self-polishing antifouling is based on special binders and provides an . Effektiver, selbstpolierender Schutz für Propeller und andere Metalle unter der Wasserlinie: das Antifouling AQUALINE OPTIMA von JOTUN. In the Antigua Slipway chandlery we also sell the Jotun antifoul ‘Megayacht Imperial Antifouling’. This comes highly recommended by all large yacht captains . Jotun’s Seaforce is a high performance, medium, to high strength, copper oxide based self-polishing antifouling that will give 12-18months antifouling . Jotun Seaforce antifouling is a high performance medium to high strength copper oxide based self-polishing antifouling. Jotun antifoulings blinken uit door hun hoge kwaliteit.

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