Hydrophobic spray

NeverWet is a family of super hydrophobic coating both consumer industrial, that completely repels water and heavy oils. Lastet opp av UltraTech International, Inc. Ultra-Ever Dry – Part 2: The sequel to the smash hit and viral sensation!

Hydrobead is the only one-part superhydrophobic water repellent spray-on coating. A superhydrophobic coating is a nanoscopic surface layer that repels water. Droplets hitting this kind of coating can fully rebound in the shape of column or . In theory, hydrophobic coatings are an undeniably enticing idea.

With a quick spray-on treatment, they promise to create an invisible barrier . The hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coating treatments developed and patented by Aculon, improve the performance characteristics of virtually any . This is an easy way to make a hydrophobic coating from products that have been available for decades. Waterproof Nano Protector spray by Nanex – unique formula for waterproofing woo stone, textile, leather and many other surfaces and materials. The super-hydrophobic coating keeps objects dry, water and many other liquids. The super-hydrophobic properties of Ultra-Ever Dry keeps coated materials . Our superhydrophobic coating spray solutions have long-lasting hydrophobic effect (up to years), strong chemical, temperature resistance, great for cars.

Super-Hydrophobic Spray Makes All Your Stuff Liquid-Proof. It should start showing up on store shelves in a few weeks.

A revolutionary super hydrophobic system. This product creates a barrier that dramatically repels water, mu ice and more. According to Ultra-tech, a Florida-based containment provider for chemical clean-up and waste management, its new . Now scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) have developed a new spray-on superhydrophobic coating that is much more robust . NeverWet may soon be facing some hydrophobic competition in the form of LiquidOff, an eco-minded fabric spray made to repel water without . Rust-Oleum’s new silicone-base liquid-repellant coating with lofty superhydrophobic claims. And according to the can, its contents contain a . An environmentally friendly superhydrophobic coating repels water as effectively as commercial coatings that employ hazardous materials, . Gentoo hydrophobic coating is the next generation hydrophobic coating that is completely transparent, extremely durable, flexible and UV resistant. DryWired 101x is an oleophobic hydrophobic fluoropolymer coating solution.

Ideal for Nano coating electronic components at the manufacturing level.